Gin of the Month: OCTOBER

Let me begin by telling you a little bit about my gin collection. There are two types of gin in my household. The first is what call the ‘every day gin*’. These are the bottles that sit at the front of the shelf; the ones that I reach to when my head is filled with other thoughts and I just want something that I know I like, will pair with anything and I can drink it, with or without garnish. They are my go-to gins. 

I have been quite happy with this collection of five or six gins for a good few months now, and if I'm honest with you, for a new gin to be added, it really does have to be spectacular. 

Enter: Greystone Gin by The Harewood Food & Drink Project

Well, let me tell you, this one is. Yes, it's official, Greystone Gin has made the shelf! Distilled by Harrogate's finest distilleries, Whittaker's, Greystone Gin offers perfectly balanced flavours and a smooth finish. The gin itself is part of The Harewood Food & Drink Project, which means many of the botanicals have been sourced from the estate itself - including mulberries from a the 100-year old tree growing by the lakeside and elderberries foraged on site.

This is a gin that smells and tastes like gin. On the nose, even opening the top just a fraction, you get a heavy hit of juniper, followed by the sharpness of elderberry. To taste, it is slightly peppery combined with the aromatic spices of the mulberry. 

The perfect pair? Harewood doesn't recommend a perfect pairing, but we certainly enjoy it with a squeeze of lime and a tonic of choice.

Greystone Gin is only available in a few select retailers around the Harewood Estate in Yorkshire, but we're delighted to say that it is the first product available for pre-order in our online store, so you can enjoy it too! 

A flavourful, juniper heavy gin. Perfect with or without tonic.
Just how we like it!

Our verdict: